Jean-Pierre Riou, MD, Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Riou, Lake Norman’s first plastic surgeon, brings with him superb credentials from Yale University. He has had outstanding results, with extremely high patient satisfaction rates. His practice is dedicated exclusively to plastic & reconstructive surgery of the breast and body contouring (liposuction and tummy tucks).

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Breast Cancer Reconstruction

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in American women. The defect resulting from mastectomies can be devastating to patients. Breast Reconstruction is an integral part of their treatment. The use of Expanders and Implants as well as Flap reconstructions can lead to outstanding aesthetic results that allow women to feel “whole” again, decrease post-mastectomy depression and improve recovery.

Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Just like the Breast Cancer patients, women whose breasts are misshapen can suffer terribly from poor body image and difficulty fitting into clothing. Whether the breast are excessively large, underdeveloped, drooping from childbearing or deformed from Tubular or Poland syndrome, surgical correction can have a tremendously positive impact on the patient’s quality of life.

Body Contouring

Childbearing and weight loss fluctuations can lead to significant loose skin and unwanted fat deposits that are often resistant to diet and exercise. Removing these through direct skin excision and liposuction can restore the body back to a more youthful appearance. Tummy Tuck and Liposuction are the most common Body Contouring Procedures.


Mommy Makeover

Childbearing is difficult on the female body. The abdomen stretches out to accommodate for the growth of the baby, leading to redundant skin (“muffin top”) and a weak abdominal wall between the two sit up muscles (Diastasis Recti). These changes are often permanent and do not respond to diet and exercise. In addition the breast shrink and become droopy after being pregnant and breastfeeding (Involutional mammary hypoplasia). The “Mommy Makeover” corrects both these deformities through a Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation combination.

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  • “I love them!” I should have done them sooner!”

    Kelli H.
  • “Best thing I ever did for myself. Great positive experience. Very supportive staff.”

    Eileen D.
  • “Riou is a great doctor. I would & have recommended him a lot! Very professional and makes you feel very comfortable!”

    Krista L.
  • “Dr. Riou & staff are all very nice and a pleasure to come and see. Thanks a lot!”

    Amanda H.
  • “Great experience. Dr. Riou listened to my concerns and addressed them.”

    Laura C.
  • “Overall experience was fantastic. I would do it all overall again in a heartbeat. Dr. Riou, hats off to you & your staff.”

    Tammy S.
  • “This has been a life changing experience. Thank you!”

    Pam N.
  • “The surgery has changed my life in a positive way. I would do it again in a heartbeat”

    Amanda M.
  • “The experience from start to finish was great. The office staff was excellent and Dr. Riou was very caring when I had questions or concerns. I would without a doubt do it all over again.”

    Nicole S.
  • “Very happy with my outcome. I was very comfortable with the doctor and his staff. Thank you very much.”

    Nicole K.
  • “Everyone here was very helpful and knowledge. I would recommend this office to anyone.”

    Lynn B.
  • “I love them and would do it all over again!”

    Julia P.