Breast Reduction in Males (Gynecomastia correction)

Gynecomastia is an abnormal growth of breast tissue in males. It frequently begins during puberty and often resolves spontaneously. Weight gain and certain medications contribute to the deformity. The use of marijuana has been linked to Gynecomastia. If the excessive breast tissue persist beyond the initial adolescent growth spurt, surgery to remove the gland is advisable. This often has a dramatic psychological impact on the patient, as significant embarrassment is often associated with the deformity. The breast tissue is removed through a small incision at the lower areola and liposuction of the chest is usually performed for a smooth contour. If Gynecomastia results from large weight gain, some skin may be removed as well to correct the redundancy. The surgery formerly was covered by insurance but more recently has become difficult to approve. As a result, we usually perform the procedure in our office surgical facility to make it more affordable. The surgery takes 2 hours and patients recover over the weekend.

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