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Breast Augmentation and Breast Surgery

Breasts that are excessively heavy can cause a number of symptoms. Some of those include neck and back pain, shoulder grooving, skin irritation, numbness of the arms and even breathing problems. These symptoms can often be alleviated by reducing the size of the breast surgically through a reduction mammoplasty.

This is an outpatient procedure, which lasts for 3 hours and involves the removal of fat, glandular tissues and skin from the breasts, making them smaller, lighter, firmer and lifted.

Smaller reduction can be performed with limited scarring (circumvertical- “lollipop incision”), while more significant reductions require the “inverted-T”, or anchor-shaped, incisions. No drains are used and the closure is done with absorbable sutures so the stitches do not need removing.

It has become increasingly difficult to get insurance coverage, so most are done electively in the Office Surgical Center so as to be more affordable compared to the Hospital.

It is an extremely high patient satisfaction procedure, with a significant improvement in the appearance of the breast, but also a great relief in back and neck pain. The patients also  appear to have had significant weight loss since clothing fit better in the upper half of the body.

Complications are rare in non-smoking patients.

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